Indigo Dyeing


Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Workshop Description
Explore the magical world of Indigo dyeing and learn the steps involved in creating your own indigo vat. This brilliant colour has an incredibly rich history and used to be one of the most sought out dyes in the world. In this 3 hour workshop, we will cover the key aspects of dyeing with indigo (creating and maintaining a vat, fibre preparation, over-dyeing to create complex colours, safe handling and disposal and other tips and tricks). You will learn various techniques to create your own design for you’re a unique skein of yarn.
The fee for this workshop covers three hours of instruction and guidance, includes 2 skeins of natural DK weight yarn and all materials needed for the dyeing process.
Please wear clothes that can take a splash or two of indigo and bring a notebook and pen with you.

Workshop Fee: $75
Materials Fee: $10

Materials to Bring:
clothes that can take a splash or two of indigo
a notebook and pen

Instructor: Christopher Walker

CabinBoyKnitsChristopher Walker is a Natural yarn dyer, Knitwear Designer, and founder of the label Cabinboyknits.
Christopher splits his time between Toronto and his log cabin in the Oak Hills of Stirling Ontario. His work is heavily influenced by the rugged Canadian landscape around him. He is committed to working with the environment in the production of his naturally dyed yarns. Water is sourced from rain barrels and snow, and many of his dyebaths are made from plants foraged from his forest and garden. His Canadiana designs are enhanced by the fibre selected from local farms with breeds conducive to the Northern climate and terrain. Christopher has taught knitting and Natural yarn dyeing classes, in Europe, and throughout North America. His work has been featured on the runway and at art gallery showings.
Knitting provides an opportunity to engage socially, trigger emotion and provoke thought.

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