Saturday May 25th, 2019

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With something for every fibre enthusiast from knitting to crochet, rug hooking to spinning, dyeing and felting, we’re excited about these workshops, and hope you are too!

*Admission to FibreFest is included with every workshop purchase.

Tints, Tones and Knit Two (colours) Together with Fiona Ellis

All Day Class: 9:30 pm – 4:00 pm
lunch break 12:30 – 1:00

Fiona Ellis Tints and Tones

Workshop Description: 
Many knitters find it difficult to choose colours. This class will show you how to put colour theory into practice, so that those scary sounding terms make sense. You will look at colour temperature, tonal value, complimentary and analogous colour schemes along with many other terms. But once you get playing with colour you will see how the theory can be a helpful underpinning. In combination with the colour exercises, instruction will be given on the techniques used for working with multi colours; Stripes, Fair Isle, Instarsia, Slip Stitch etc.
Workshop Fee: $125
Materials Fee: NA

Fiona Ellis

Instructor: Fiona Ellis
Fiona Ellis learned to knit from her Grandmother at a very early age. She went onto to study Fashion at DeMontfort University (Leicester UK) where she specialized in knitwear design. She has been designing professionally since graduating in 1993. Her original designs have been sold to major fashion houses in New York, London & Paris for mass-market production and have been widely published through premier knitting magazines and in yarn pattern booklets for many yarn companies. She is the author of the books Inspired Cable Knits, Knitspiration Journal and Inspired Fair Isle Knits & is also an instructor at Craftsy.

You can find out what she is currently doing at also see all of her extensive design portfolio on Ravelry.

PEC FibreFest

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Spinning for a Shawl with Beth Abbott

Morning Class: 9:30 pm – 12:30 pm

Spinning for a Shawl

Workshop Description: 
Shawls say so much about “I care”, I love you”, and even “I love me!”
You will love creating shawls because you have so much control over the design of the yarn and how it will look in the finished shawl. You can make colour flow through the shawl or appear as dots of colour all over the shawl. The shape of the shawl will help to determine how the colour will flow. You can also control the choice of fibres and blends that you use depending on the style of shawl you want. A cozy cushy shawl might use a crimpy fibre to create a lofty bouncy yarn which will hold warmth. A fine exotic fibre will create smooth thin yarn that will look lovely in lace. Join Beth for a few hours of fun creating yarns for a variety of shawl types.
Workshop Fee: $75
Materials Fee: $20

Beth Abbott

Instructor: Beth Abbott
Beth Abbott has been spinning and using her yarns for at least 40 years. She is a Master Spinner and did her In-depth study on the Icelandic fleece. Beth teaches in the Spinning Certificate course in Haliburton, as well as at workshops for guilds all over Ontario.

PEC FibreFest

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Easy Crochet with Joyce Minaker

Morning Class: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm


Workshop Description:
This crochet workshop is for those with a basic knowledge of slip stitch, single, half double, and double crochet. A quick review of the stitches will be offered if necessary. The techniques of colour changes, going around corners, and multiple stitch groups will be taught.
Workshop Fee: $50
Materials Fee: $10

Joyce Minaker

Instructor: Joyce Minaker
My name is Joyce Minaker, and I was born and raised in Picton. My Mother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was about 15 years old, and I seemed to find a preference in crochet.
Over the years, I have followed many patterns and learned many new stitches. I seem to prefer challenging designs that give a “polished” look to a finished article.
l joined the Crochet Guild of America, (as I could not find a Canadian one), and as a member, took one of their Masters Programmes. It meant a 6 month time period of doing samples and answering questions and taking a test : and I achieved the designation of “Master of Crochet Stitches and Design.”
I have loved teaching crochet. In the past I have taught at night school through Loyalist College, and always enjoy teaching friends, and encouraging people to give It a try.
I hope you enjoy the class, and that it gives you an incentive to try more projects!

PEC FibreFest

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Wet & Dry Felted Paintings with Kelly McLeod

Morning Class: 9:30 pm – 12:30 pm

Kelly McLeod Reflections Felting

Workshop Description: 
This three-hour workshop explores painting a two-dimensional wool felting technique created by Kelly. Participants will create their own unique landscape painting using wet and dry felting techniques. Whether you are experienced or just want to “Give It a Try” this fun and relaxing workshop will not disappoint.
Workshop Fee: $50
Materials Fee: $20

Kelly McLeod

Instructor: Kelly McLeod
I am a self-taught, life-long drawing and painting artist, in addition to being an avid third generation gardener.
I paint mostly landscapes in a variety of pigment media. In 2015, I was introduced to wet and dry felting manipulations to create landscape “paintings” which exhibit depth and contrasting textures within a two-dimensional canvas. I often work from a photo as my starting point and, using the wool fibres, I layer the composition’s colours working from background to foreground. The resulting stack of fibre can get quite high, until it is “wet felted” by using boiling water and soap and then applying a rubbing technique to the surface to agitate and break-up the wool fibres, which bonds the fibres together in a common field.
Fibre arts are being recognized more in the wider world of art. With my background in painting with oils and acrylics, I use a similar painterly approach to “painting” with wool. I visualize the colours in my felt pieces exactly the same way I paint. To date, I have mostly created landscapes, and I have been enjoying creating scenes of storms, fire, and celestial light, working to capture the energy and feel of these dramatic scenes from nature. See more of my work on my website.

PEC FibreFest

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Indigo Dyeing with Christopher Walker

Morning Class: 9:30 pm – 12:30 pm

Indigo Dyeing

Workshop Description: 
Explore the magical world of Indigo dyeing and learn the steps involved in creating your own indigo vat. This brilliant colour has an incredibly rich history and used to be one of the most sought out dyes in the world. In this 3 hour workshop, we will cover the key aspects of dyeing with indigo (creating and maintaining a vat, fibre preparation, over-dyeing to create complex colours, safe handling and disposal and other tips and tricks). You will learn various techniques to create your own design for you’re a unique skein of yarn. The fee for this workshop covers three hours of instruction and guidance, includes 2 skeins of natural DK weight yarn and all materials needed for the dyeing process. Please wear clothes that can take a splash or two of indigo and bring a notebook and pen with you.
Workshop Fee: $75
Materials Fee: $10


Instructor: Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker is a Natural yarn dyer, Knitwear Designer, and founder of the label Cabinboyknits. Christopher splits his time between Toronto and his log cabin in the Oak Hills of Stirling Ontario. His work is heavily influenced by the rugged Canadian landscape around him. He is committed to working with the environment in the production of his naturally dyed yarns. Water is sourced from rain barrels and snow, and many of his dyebaths are made from plants foraged from his forest and garden. His Canadiana designs are enhanced by the fibre selected from local farms with breeds conducive to the Northern climate and terrain. Christopher has taught knitting and Natural yarn dyeing classes, in Europe, and throughout North America. His work has been featured on the runway and at art gallery showings. Knitting provides an opportunity to engage socially, trigger emotion and provoke thought.

PEC FibreFest

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Halfway to a Pair! with Samantha Lamb

Afternoon Class: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

South Marysburgh Slippers

Workshop Description: 
Quick to knit and great for gifts, slippers are a classic project for knitters of all levels. Using the updated “SOUTH MARYSBURGH SLIPPERS” pattern as our guide, the class will focus on knitting one slipper, covering techniques such as turning a heel, knitting in the round, and simple toe decreases. We’ll also explore different edging options and discuss opportunities for fun embellishments. By the end of class you will be “halfway to a pair” and ready to make slippers for everyone in your life!
Workshop Fee: $50
Materials Fee: $5 for printed pattern

Samantha Lamb

Instructor: Samantha Lamb
Once upon a time in a store window on a snowy city street, a tiny knit sweater and a pair of wooden needles stole Sam’s heart. Many needles, skeins, and sweaters later, she is still in love with knitting and all things made from wool. Sam’s knitwear designs find inspiration in natural fibres, vintage textiles, and the geography of the locations she holds dear, including Prince Edward County, which is celebrated in her pattern names. Sam lives with her family in Toronto, where she works as a Creative Director by day, and compulsively knits, sews, and designs garment patterns by night. You can follow her creative journey on Instagram through @samanthamaylamb.

PEC FibreFest

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Sensational Shawl Shapes with Kelly McClure

Afternoon Class: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Sensational Shawl Shapes with Kelly McClure

Workshop Description: 
Explore how to create different shawl shapes by knitting up cute tiny samples. You will learn different methods of increasing and decreasing as well as how to block your shawls. You will also gather tips about how to create your own shawl designs! Basic knitting knowledge is recommended (cast on, cast off, knits, purls, yarn overs).
Workshop Fee: $50
Materials Fee: NA

Kelly McClure

Instructor: Kelly McClure
Kelly McClure has been knitting since age six and now designs knitting patterns and runs her own company, Bohoknits. Her designs have appeared in stores across North America and she has even taught knitting in Nepal. She knits as much as possible, but also enjoys dyeing yarn and wandering around in the woods with her dog and baby. She lives and works in Ontario, Canada.

PEC FibreFest

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Rug Hooking with Jo-Anne Harris

Afternoon Class: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Rug Hooking

Workshop Details:
Blend art and craft together by learning the ancient technique of Rug Hooking. In this workshop you will create either a one foot square randomly designed piece called Higgledy Piggledy or a six inch square trivet in wool. This class will give you the foundation to create larger pieces with a variety of materials.
Workshop Fee: $50
Materials Fee: $60

Rug Hooking

Instructor: Jo-Anne Harris
JoAnne has been hooking rugs for the past 20 years and teaching an Introduction to Rug Hooking for the past 8 years. She has written articles for Rug Hooking Magazine, created and sold patterns and enjoys meeting new hookers at the many venues she vends at throughout the year.

PEC FibreFest

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2D Needle Felting with Megan Cleland

Afternoon Class: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Needle Felting

Workshop Description:
Learn the basics and more advanced techniques to create a needlefelted portrait. From start to being able to finish your own personalized picture. Blending, mounting choices, needles and fibres, how they react to blending. Colour theory is also discussed.
Workshop Fee: $50
Materials Fee: $30

Megan Cleland

Instructor: Megan Cleland
Megan has a passion for all things fibre. Living on a sheep farm in Australia for 10 years taught her to appreciate good quality wool. She moved back to Canada in 2008 and decided to combine her love of portraiture with wool, alpaca and other fibres to create realistic animal and people portraits. She has taught others to embrace this form of needle felting. Her students enjoy their workshops and leave with the ability to continue on their own journey with the knowledge of how to blend colours and work with different fibres to create a unique work of art. Robert Bateman critiqued The lioness and said it was a “tour de force, and looked 3D with masterful eyes”.

PEC FibreFest

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The third Annual Prince Edward County Fibre Fest is Saturday May 25th, 2019 from 9am to 4:30pm at the Picton Arena and Community Centre, 375 Main Street, Picton Ontario.

For directions or more details, visit our Contact Page

Vendor Registration for 2019 is open to returning vendors until June 30, and will be open to the vendor waiting list July 1.