Wet & Dry Felted Paintings


Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Workshop Description: 
This three-hour workshop explores painting a two-dimensional wool felting technique created by Kelly. Participants will create their own unique landscape painting using wet and dry felting techniques. Whether you are experienced or just want to “Give It a Try” this fun and relaxing workshop will not disappoint.

Workshop Fee: $50
Materials Fee: $20
Materials to Bring: Spray bottle, two large towels, two small towels, non-scented soap, sharp scissors, photographs of interesting landscapes.

Instructor: Kelly McLeod

Kelly McLeodI am a self-taught, life-long drawing and painting artist, in addition to being an avid third generation gardener.
I paint mostly landscapes in a variety of pigment media. In 2015, I was introduced to wet and dry felting manipulations to create landscape “paintings” which exhibit depth and contrasting textures within a two-dimensional canvas.
I often work from a photo as my starting point and, using the wool fibres, I layer the composition’s colours working from background to foreground. The resulting stack of fibre can get quite high, until it is “wet felted” by using boiling water and soap and then applying a rubbing technique to the surface to agitate and break-up the wool fibres, which bonds the fibres together in a common field.
Fibre arts are being recognized more in the wider world of art. With my background in painting with oils and acrylics, I use a similar painterly approach to “painting” with wool. I visualize the colours in my felt pieces exactly the same way I paint. To date, I have mostly created landscapes, and I have been enjoying creating scenes of storms, fire, and celestial light, working to capture the energy and feel of these dramatic scenes from nature. See more of my work on my website.

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