Spinning for a Shawl


Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Workshop Description

Shawls say so much about “I care”, I love you”, and even “I love me!”
You will love creating shawls because you have so much control over the design of the yarn and how it will look in the finished shawl. You can make colour flow through the shawl or appear as dots of colour all over the shawl. The shape of the shawl will help to determine how the colour will flow. You can also control the choice of fibres and blends that you use depending on the style of shawl you want. A cozy cushy shawl might use a crimpy fibre to create a lofty bouncy yarn which will hold warmth. A fine exotic fibre will create smooth thin yarn that will look lovely in lace. Join Beth for a few hours of fun creating yarns for a variety of shawl types.

Workshop Fee: $75
Materials Fee: $20

Materials Provided include:
Fibres for play including wools, silk and a small amount of exotics for blends.
Many patterns for shawls and samples of shawls for your exploration.
Notes on spinning for shawls, fine spinning and blends.

Materials to Bring: A working spinning wheel with the option of a smaller whorl for fine spinning.
Extra bobbins for plying, and a spinning kit including oil, carders, and small hand held combs if you have them or a dog brush if you have them.
An apron would be useful.
Plastic bags for fibres and a marker for labelling samples.
If you have a fibre you would like to use for a shawl, bring a little along to experiment with during the workshop.
Also patterns for shawls that you particularly like.

Instructor: Beth Abbott

Beth AbbottBeth Abbott has been spinning and using her yarns for at least 40 years. She is a Master Spinner and did her In-depth study on the Icelandic fleece. Beth teaches in the Spinning Certificate course in Haliburton, as well as at workshops for guilds all over Ontario.

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