Fibrefest will be held on: Saturday May 26th, 2018

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Workshops for 2018 to be announced.

Workshops from 2017 are listed below.

Cheryl Roberts – Artistic Blending of Fibres

Join Cheryl Roberts of Fullin’ Woolens for a jam packed hands on workshop on blending fibres. You’ll learn techniques using a diz, hand carders, drum carder and blending board. As well, Cheryl will show samples of how to spin yarns from the traditional to funky chunky art yarns incorporating the blending techniques. You’ll be provided an array of fibres to try the techniques taught. If you have a blending board bring it along – spinning wheel is optional.

Carolyn Barnett – Polymer Button Making Workshop

Polymer Button Making

Make some creative finishing touches for your fibre arts by working with polymer clay to make buttons, for sewn knit or woven clothing. Also we make pins and sticks for buttonless sweaters and wraps.

You will learn to use clay, work with colour, how to shape and cut.

You will leave class with a complete kit to continue making buttons, including tools, selection of coloured clay and instructions.

Esther Grav – Spinning with a Drop Spindle

drop spindle

Try your hand at creating your own yarn, using the ancient tool of the drop spindle. Esther Grav has been spinning, weaving & teaching for 30 plus years.

Elizabeth McCarten – 2 Handed Stranded Knitting Class

2 Handed Stranded Knitting

This is a great knitting skill to have if you love to work with more than one colour or in Fair Isle. You will learn to be able to hold yarn in your left hand and knit Continental and carry a second yarn in your right hand knitting the American way. This technique allows for quick colour changes in a row and also keeps the yarn from tangling up with each other.

Materials needed are worsted weight wool in at least 2 colours and 4.5 mm needles. If you need materials let us know ahead of time and we will arrange a kit for you.

Beth Abbott – Create Silk Paper

Silk Paper Making

Silk! Silk! Create some magic! Make a piece of silk paper, using pure silk fibres, which can be embroidered, embellished, or cut up and added to wet felting. While it is drying, embellish prepared silk paper, using silk embroidery threads, beads and yarns, ready to become a card insert.

Lesley Snyder – Wet Felting Soap & Dryer Balls

Wet Felted Soap & Dryer Balls

In this class you will learn the simple techniques of wet felting and get to play with some wool roving. You will learn some basic colour theory and see the changes that happen with layering coloured rovings when you create your dryer ball or bar of soap.

All materials will be included in the class and you will go home with your creations and the knowledge to create more at home.

The second Annual Prince Edward County Fibre Fest is Saturday May 26th, from 9am to 4:30pm at the Picton Arena and Community Centre, 375 Main Street, Picton Ontario.

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